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  • HAMMER TIME: The Earlyears Pound ‘N Play Ball Ramp Toy is made to be enticing to your baby. The bright colors, fun faces, and additional mirror are all fun and exciting to your child, while the easy grip hammer lets them work their hand eye coordination.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTIONS: This toy is made of high quality, safe plastics. It’s designed to withstand baby’s pounding and smashing with the hammer. It’s a wonderful way for your child to exercise their energy without anything getting broken or lost.
  • GREAT FOR BABY DEVELOPMENT: This toy is perfect for developing your baby’s motor skills and sensory growth. They experience the hitting of the ball, the sound of it rolling through and the little mirror where they can see themselves and the toy. It’s a great cause and effect toy.
  • A WORLD OF WONDER: Earlyears, an Epoch Everlasting Play brand, is designed for developing young minds. They boast safe, award winning, high quality baby toys that stimulate and develop sensory, motor, cognitive, and social skills. They make toys for any baby from newborns to 12 months and older.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Earlyears Pound ‘N Play Ball Ramp Toy. Includes base, easy grip hammer, and four funny faced balls. A fantastic way to reinforce coordination and motor skills. Suitable for children aged 1 and up.