Q-bitz Solo: Magenta Edition
Q-bitz Solo: Magenta Edition

Q-bitz Solo: Magenta Edition

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GAMES THAT TEACH: MindWare Q-bitz Solo: Magenta is a boredom-buster that challenges your mind. Practice spatial reasoning, visual dexterity, quick thinking, and memory with this fun solo game for kids!
THREE WAYS TO PLAY: In round 1, draw a card and race to complete the pattern. In round 2, roll your cubes to finish the pattern. For round 3: quick study the pattern, then build it from memory!
FAMILY GAMES: Q-Bitz appeals to a wide age range of players! This solo version can be played at home, taken on a trip or to the doctor’s waiting room, and added to regular Q-Bitz to allow for more players!
HOOKED ON Q-BITZ: Winner of the Parent's Choice Gold Award and the Major Fun Award, (among others,) Q-Bitz comes in a variety of versions: from classroom-sized, to junior level, to an extreme version!
INCLUDES: 20 new Q-bitz cards (not found in original set), 1 wooden tray, and 16 cubes in a travel-sized tin. 1 player, plus instructions. (Ages 6 and up)